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The Magician tarot card represents the power of action and a person who at a… Read more. Over the last couple of centuries, Tarot has grown to incorporate powerful mediums like Astrology, Runes, Numerology, and the I Ching.

12222 Tarot Reading

Free Tarot uses beautiful artwork for all call cards in the reading, to really immerse you in the spread. If you would like to skip right to your reading and try Free Tarot's on-line 3 card spread, with unique interpretations for each position in the spread, click the blue "Start Your Free Tarot Reading" at the top of this page.

When you start your reading you'll first shuffle a vitual Tarot deck, then you will select the three cards that will be used in your reading. This shuffling uses astrological time and the position of your hand to give you a truely authentic reading - the cards are NOT randomly generated by a computer!

Tarot Card Reading for Your Zodiac Sign - Astrology Tarot Cards

Numerology dates back to the ancient civilations of Babylonia and Greece. Pythagoras belived that everything is connected through a numerical relationship - and he spent most of his life disocovering their secrets.

The Vibrations associated with each number appearing with calcuations such as with your birthday, or name can influence your behaviour - and even point out your destiny. Take a look at some of the calculators to the right, and discover how Numbers can influence your life today!

Horoscope (Zodiac) Tarot Reading

A psychic reading is a way to uncover information about a situation or a person though heightened senses and perceptive abilities. Also known as clairvoyance, divination and fortune telling have existed since the dawn of our society.

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But unlike an in-person reading - Free Tarot is a great place for a free psychic reading and is full of oracles for fortune telling that cost you absolutely nothing! Get your fortune told here:.