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This is the final eclipse in the Leo-Aquarius set — we release something and move on. It comes at the time of a Venus-Jupiter conjunction that makes this release especially sweet. For you, Gemini, this can be a final push towards sorting out your daily affairs, studies, and mental outlook or personal interests and projects. There can be a release or culmination of a matter along these lines. Aligned with Mercury, sextile Jupiter. Everything is direct! In the first degree of Virgo.

Trine Mars and Uranus. This is an eyes-wide-open time regarding a home or family matter. You may have been feeling stuck, and this leads to an epiphany about your domestic world. Aligned with Neptune quite tightly within a degree , sextile Saturn, sextile Mars, widely square Jupiter. Feelings are intense and intuition is powerful now, Gemini, particularly related to your career, status, reputation, long-term goals, and position.

New beginnings are in the works, but there are some outstanding matters to attend to before you begin fresh.

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For you, Gemini, this is about a romantic or creative matter coming to full bloom, which sets you on a new, fresh path. There can be frustrations or heightened awareness about a matter of the heart that requires changes, or you might awaken to your true feelings about a person or project. A romantic revelation can figure strongly for some of you.

This New Moon is powerful for intuition, particularly regarding your friendships, networks, social life, and happiness goals. This is the second Full Moon in Libra. The first one happened in the first degree of the sign on March 20th, and this one occurs in its last degree. The Sun is heading towards an alignment with Uranus in Taurus.

More revelations and realizations emerge about love, creations, hobbies, pastimes, and those things and people bringing you the most joy. Bowl pattern with Mars opposite Jupiter as its rim. This New Moon is trine Saturn and sextile Neptune. This New Moon can give you a sense of mission or purpose regarding tying up loose ends or dealing with secrets, private matters, karma, and putting problems behind you. This is a time for cleaning the slate, and you get solid support for doing so.

Gemini Horoscope – Gemini Horoscope Yearly Predictions

For Gemini, there can be an important realization or turning point regarding your work, health, wellness, and routines. Listen to your intuition about a matter, even if it comes on suddenly now. Ideas are ripe for the picking. For you, Gemini, this New Moon is about your personal new beginning or fresh start. The desire to begin anew may sprout from a small letdown or disappointment.

For Gemini, this Full Moon is about balance or a partnership. Revelations or turning points can occur now. New beginnings with money, personal possessions, comfort, and security are in store.

Love & Sex:

The Moon is with Pluto widely with Saturn. Venus is with the North Node. Mercury is retrograde. For you, there are new beginnings and a fresh start related to learning, connecting, and commuting. This Full Moon occurs in your adventure sector and serves as an important reminder to seek out broader, more soul-refreshing experiences. There is a lot of energy concentrated in one area of our charts. For Gemini, this happens at the bottom of your solar chart. This is a powerful time for new beginnings related to your family and home life. This Full Moon brings up the need for special attention to your career or larger, life-path goals.

The need to take action on these things can come about suddenly, yet feels quite natural now. This is a particularly romantic, social, or creative New Moon, and it occurs in your romance and creativity sector! Realizations about friendship, networks, and group involvement. These can come from some disruptions or worries and set you on a new path.

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Very close opposition to Uranus in Taurus. Work or health and routines require a new approach altogether.

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  • Sun aligned with retrograde Mercury. Sextile Saturn and Pluto, trine Neptune. This Full Moon is powerful for gaining perspective on a past matter, helping us start fresh through this new insight. For you, this perspective relates to rest, reflection, downtime, and tying up loose ends or putting a project to an end. This is about partnership and significant others in your life.

    Square Neptune. Mars trine Neptune is creative, visionary, and intuitive. However, Venus feels a little trapped. Pay special attention to the sudden awareness of your true feelings on a matter. Aligned with Jupiter and trine Uranus. This New Moon sets the ball rolling for a brilliantly productive period ahead. Please note that these key dates are synopses — quick summaries of astro-events — that are covered more in-depth in the monthly horoscopes and daily horoscopes. If you know your Ascendant, read forecasts for both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign.

    See also see your Gemini Preview Horoscope for The horoscope on this page, Gemini Yearly, shows the trends and predictions for the year in detail. There are some interesting developments for you this year, dear Gemini. Every year, we see challenges and opportunities in different areas. The following chart shows the outer planets and other points in relation to your sign, revealing whether they are harmonizing with or challenging Gemini:.

    Grey is neutral no direct relationship, but can be picky, nagging ,. Pink is challenging the planet is in direct, challenging relationship to your sign ,. As is evident in the above chart, outer planet influences on Gemini this year are a mixed bag, which suggests a year of some challenges and harmony, and are for the most part neutral, which means you tend to be making adjustments more than anything in Gemini is an intellectual Air sign and is of a Mutable nature, and this suggests you enjoy light movement and activity, while is a largely Earth and Fire year which requires adjustments.

    Areas of change and occasional disruption for you in tend to be your private life, partnerships, and career or reputation. Even with ups and downs, this is a powerful year for connecting with someone special and for enjoying one-on-one relationships. People are supportive. Go big in these areas, but know your limits! Your partnership sector is an area of your chart that has faced more than usual outer planet challenges for many years. This year, however, things are coming together quite well here.

    A Saturn-Neptune influence helps stabilize you. From December forward is a powerful period for making satisfying and long-term lifestyle changes, in particular. This is why you can see some of the same trends continuing from previous years. This is a year in which you are more likely to establish a significant partnership or you could be enhancing an existing relationship.

    It's one of the better transits under which to get married or enter a long-term, committed partnership. You can negotiate more successfully than usual, and, if applicable, you are that much more likely to win in legal matters or other forms of official negotiations. Financial benefits could possibly come through partnerships. For those of you who are already partnered, you are likely to find more joy in close relationships due to a more easygoing and tolerant attitude towards others and partnering in general. It's especially important to be fair with one another and to share your ideas and ideals.

    Legal matters or challenging relationship problems from the past might more easily be resolved now, and even more casual disputes are likely to be settled during this cycle. The need for freedom in your social relationships is strong, however, and if it is not forthcoming, you could feel caged in and restless. You may find yourself taking on the role of consultant or advisor or you could benefit from help from same. Good publicity may come your way. If your work involves the public, you can safely expect increased popularity now, or you might receive good reviews, feedback, or word-of-mouth opportunities.

    Relationships and partnerships benefit from expansive, warm energy, or successful new ones are entered into this year.

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    You need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life. Also, although Jupiter is generally considered a positive and happy energy, close relationships could end during this cycle, but if they do, it's generally in order to move on to a happier, healthier, more tolerant relationship or position. The most favorable periods for these matters occur while Jupiter is in direct motion in your solar seventh house from January 1-April 10, and from August December 2.

    You might fall victim to wasting opportunities, time, or resources when transiting Jupiter opposes your natal Sun. Generally, this transit is a "feel-good" transit.

    Your Gemini Horoscope For 12222 Is Here

    You are likely to be feeling quite powerful and optimistic. The problem with the transit, for some, is that you might over-reach as a result of these inflated feelings of importance. This need not be the case at all. In fact, you might find that you receive a much-needed boost to your ego at this time. During this cycle, you may see benefits in any of the areas ruled by the eighth house - joint finances, shared resources, loans, taxes, sexuality, intimacy, healing, personal transformation, research, investigation, and psychological matters. This is a time of increased psychological understanding, intimacy, and perhaps accumulation of wealth if you manage your resources well.

    This is an excellent time to work on financial planning and strategy. You are more capable of helping friends and loved ones who are dealing with a crisis - you can be leaned upon. Your ability to understand and accept anything that is deep in meaning or significant is enhanced now, and you instinctively realize that the path to healing is to face your fears.

    Others tend to be more supportive of you as well. Any type of in-depth study or research is likely to go well.

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    • In some cases, a significant tax refund, inheritance, inheritance, or other such benefit might arrive during this transit. Financial gains may come through a partnership or there may be an increase in a spouse's income. Sexual opportunities are likely to abound, or your focus on one partner becomes more expansive, warm, and intimate.

      This could be a time of purging yourself of literal or psychic "junk", as there is a sense that de-cluttering your life will be beneficial to your emotional well-being. Benefit can come through jointly held resources, loans, or taxes. These positive circumstances won't necessarily fall into your lap, and are unlikely to come all at once. This can be an excellent time for eye-opening psychological discoveries that help you to liberate yourself from difficulties of the past or from attitudes that have been holding you back from moving forward.

      Saturn transits your solar eighth house until Saturn asks us to follow at least some of the rules, be responsible, and pick up our socks wherever he's found in the chart. In your solar eighth house now, this is a period when getting what you want from others can be challenging, as you ultimately are learning to rely on yourself. You are likely to be more sensitive to what appear to be outer world pressures that force you to examine some of your deepest desires and attachments.

      These pressures are "designed" to make you more aware of your desire nature, and what exactly it is you truly want.

      12222 Planetary Transits for Gemini Horoscope

      Dissatisfaction and frustrations getting what you want, especially concerning relationships with others and your resources, often characterize the first part of the transit. You may not even be aware exactly how you have been employing power and control before this transit. Saturn's presence in this sector of your chart also urges you to organize your finances. On a psychological level, you face some of your fears that are compulsive—those concerns that lead you to believe you need certain things to survive. Taxes might be an issue during this period.

      Facing the realities of debt may be another. Some of you may be supporting a partner, or a partner could be earning a little less. Towards the end of this transit, you will have eliminated some deep-seated habits and attachments that have been keeping you back from feeling emotionally free.

      You emerge healthier and stronger. When we give in to compulsive behaviors, we give up self-control, and guilt undermines our lives. We are not ourselves. By attempting to control others, we give away our own power over ourselves. Tests can come to your financial and intimate worlds during this cycle. You may be dealing with fears of surrendering yourself, emotionally or financially, to others.

      Support from others may not be as forthcoming as it has been in the past. For example, a partner's income may decrease, or another form of financial support may no longer be available during this period. This requires you to assume more independence regarding making a living. For some, a line of study is coming to an end, and there is a need to take the next step.

      Emotionally, there can be a feeling that others are not quite as supportive. There can be delays or difficulties in general when it comes to getting what you want or need from others. Intimacy may seem to dry up a tad before it gets better. However, it's a strong time for handling financial matters, especially debts and taxes, logically and realistically. You'll find that you waste considerably less energy by facing up to realities rather than living your life procrastinating and feeling vaguely guilty all of the time.

      It's an excellent time for sorting through your finances and dealing with the power dynamics in a partnership more equitably. By the end of this transit, you are likely to feel considerably healthier on an emotional level. Ideally, you will have nixed some of your addictions, and mastered your superstitions. You will feel more powerful because you have given up attempting to control things you cannot or should not control, and you will have gained a feeling of self-mastery instead. Uranus continues to transit your solar eleventh house until March 6th.

      This transit follows a previous cycle in which career matters were evolving. At this time, changes in your social circle occur as you meet new and unusual people and experiment with who you are relative to others, the community, and groups. You may join a group that is devoted to metaphysics or some non-mainstream topic. You are drawn to people who are free-spirited at this point in your life. Friendships that are stodgy or limiting may no longer work.

      You have a strong ability to see each person for who they are as unique individuals, and this helps endear you to others. However, friendships may come and go during this cycle, or there can be unpredictability and unreliability until you find yourself and your place. The more acute elements of this transit have already been experienced before for your decan of Gemini. At this time, Uranus helps release you from unconscious habit patterns, perhaps stirring up your private life your private life becomes more "colorful" now , and interjecting some unusual coincidences into your life.

      This whole process acts to slowly but surely detach you from unsupportive elements of your life--those things that have been preventing you from growing and finding yourself. Neptune through your career and reputation sector may put a cloud over your goals and mystery surrounding your reputation. Your worldly goals may be watered down or they're evolving during this cycle, as you focus more on personal affairs.

      Others may not be seeing you for who you are, but rather what they'd like you to be. Your ruler will be in the part of your chart focused on dedication and diligence. On its journey through the year, the winged messenger shines light on to ingrained patterns, and shows you where you can make light, easy, effective changes which will influence your well-being.

      A gentle, growing sense of hope will gradually dominate your mood as you step off the financial roller-coaster and relax into a steadier, more prosperous life-style. The year's headline-grabbing event involves the highly symbolic movement of your elusive ruling planet Mercury, transiting the face of the Sun. This powerful event influences your year, encouraging innovative thinking as it brings creative ways to move away from stress-inducing situations. As Jupiter, the planet of luck and adventure in your opposite sign brings magic to your most intimate relationships, it generates opportunities for emotional growth and maturity.

      If you have high hopes for love this year, you won't be disappointed. We have updated our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. Click to accept. The 13th Sign? Email: Pass j :. General Forecast Since the year's major astrological event involves your ruler, Mercury, this is a huge year for you. Money Forecast The Transit of Mercury calls you to re-evaluate your relationship with work. Love Forecast The year's headline-grabbing event involves the highly symbolic movement of your elusive ruling planet Mercury, transiting the face of the Sun. Free Trial! Consult the I Ching And hear a special interpetation.

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